Project Description

The dispenser includes:

Product description

Dispenser for cleaning lenses (S016 Gel NO FOG 240ml + S018 Napkin paper 2 packs)

“In the assortment of Fashion Style accessories there is a very interesting product: DISPENSER for cleaning lenses! It consists of a replaceable bottle of gel S016 NO FOG 240 ml and two boxes with paper cosmetic wipes S018. How to use DISPENSER? 1. purchase. 2. put it at home, in the office. 3. quickly, easily and efficiently clean your glasses, computer monitors, as well as the surface of tablets and smartphones from any contamination. ”

  • S018: Cosmetic napkins
    two-layer (150 pcs / pack) Fashion Style (2 pack.)
  • S016 Cleaning lens for lenses
    NO FOG 240ml with the possibility of spraying.

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