August of 2018 became really good for the Vision Optic Group. A few days ago, the brand portfolio of the company was replenished with new names: Disney and MIOfiends.

And along with this, the product range of Vision Optic Group was also enriched in the framework of Fashion Style accessories. Now, in addition to traditionally bright and high-quality accessories for all types of lenses and glasses, the company offers a special premium line of road kits and containers for contact lenses.

They are manufactured under the license of Walt Disney and in accordance with the high-tech principles of the manufacturer. Namely: only manual assembly, without glue, without dyes and without toxins.

Each accessory series Disney and MIOfriends is available in a special package that allows you to view all their beauty and at the same time, highly effective protects the goods from damage and pollution.

Special attention is paid to the incredibly bright, juicy, truly fabulous design of these road sets and containers. You can talk about them for a long time and with ecstasy. However, the wise advice is ideal here: it is better to personally see (and hold in hands) than hear a hundred times!

So, go to the optics throughout Ukraine and become the owner of an animated fairy tale.

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