From June 1 to December 1, 2017, within the trade mark Fashion Style, a bonus action is in effect. Under her terms, for the purchase of any type of Fashion Style products in the amount of 5700 UAH, you get a set of S002 sets. At the same time, there is a bonus system, that is, the quantity of a single item is not regulated.

Set S002 is a cleansing spray and a microfiber cloth. This kit is designed for effective and comfortable care for eyeglass lenses. And also for lenses of different optical devices, screens of smartphones, computers, TVs, mirrors and various glasses. Set S002 is made in a bright, original and attractive design.

This gift set of sets S002 from Fashion Style can be used both for personal use, and for rewarding employees of optics, for motivating buyers or just for sale.

With any questions regarding the bonus promotion from Fashion Style, please contact your regional manager or our INFO-center.